Crystal Color Therapy



Better Lives through the Power Of Crystals 

Kathleen Knight suffered with breast, skin and bone cancer until she visited the man referred to as The Miracle Man of Brazil.

She miraculously recovered from the disease after visiting the spiritual center John of God in Brazil. João Teixeira de Faria, internationally known as John of God, is considered a powerful medium that helps heal people through God.

To pay the blessing forward, Kathleen established Crystal Color Therapy in Houston, Texas.

Kathleen uses light and color crystals that were imbued with powerful energies from spiritual doctors and healers to accelerate the physical and emotional healing of others.

Tapping into Powerful Energies

Kathleen uses a crystal bed that she obtained from John of God to perform crystal color light therapy, a type of healing that was created in Brazil about 60 years ago.

Brazilian, clear cut, quartz crystals, which are hung above these beds, generate color and light therapy that cleanses, clears and raises people’s energy centers, which often are referred to as chakras.

Marcel Vogel was the cutting engineer from IBM who spent his lifetime investigating quartz crystals. He   designed high tech devices to measure crystal vibration output and their effects of physical processes.

Developed by John of God, crystal beds use Brazilian clear-cut crystals to generate color and light therapy to cleanse, clear and raise the vibration of your chakras (also known as your energy centers. The John of God "Spirit Doctors" have promised to help anyone who lays under these crystal lights.

Bed sessions also includes a Prayer Triangle, which allows people to focus on what they want to improve, heal, cleanse or manifest within themselves or any other person that is on their minds. People are asked to write three issues on a paper that is placed on a triangle and hung above the bed.

Individuals interested in achieving a better, overall state of wellness should contact Crystal Color Therapy for an appointment. Kathleen can be reached by email or by phone at 713-812-9912.